Now more than ever, technical professionals are expected to be outstanding presenters, whether giving an impromptu update to their team or a formal presentation to senior management. Typically, technical professionals are subject experts, highly knowledgeable in their field. When giving presentations, they face the challenge of having to present complex material to highly analytical and often critical audiences. Often they struggle with two main issues: selecting the most important information and tailoring their delivery for their specific audience. By perfecting your presentation skills, you can deliver your data-rich technical material in a way that captures your audience’s attention and leads to motivation and engagement.

This course is designed to help you research, design and deliver an impactful presentation. During the course, you will have the opportunity to plan and present two different presentations, which will be videotaped and reviewed by both the instructor and the other participants. By the end of the course, you will have identified ways to tailor your presentations to the specific audience, discovered how to create better visual aids and improved your ability to present with confidence, conviction and credibility.


  • Fundamental presentation skills
  • Making a good first impression
  • Strategies for targeting each Learning Style
  • Organising and selecting key impact points
  • Presenting to different personality types, genders, and age groups
  • Preparing technical presentations
  • Using interactive techniques
  • The importance of non-verbal communication
  • Creating and utilising a variety of visual aids
  • Capturing ideas using Mind Mapping
  • Presenting information for both sides of the brain
  • Building rapport with the audience
  • Overcoming stage fright and building confidence
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Knowing how to answer difficult questions

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