This training course covers a variety of the most difficult, intense and emotionally charged types of situations that can occur in the workplace. Dealing with difficult people is something many people face as part of their everyday work life. Handled correctly, problems created by personal differences can become opportunities to make positive changes. The key is taking control of your own behaviours and emotions to ensure that you use the right skills, when appropriate. Confident and capable communicators can create calm and understanding, even in the most challenging situations.

This course is designed to improve communication skills, relationships and productivity for those in a number of different roles in the workplace. Through dynamic presentation, discussion and interactive group exercises, participants will learn techniques that will help them effectively manage a variety of difficult situations.


  • What makes successful communication?
  • Avoiding communication breakdowns that can escalate into problem situations
  • 4 assertiveness techniques
  • How to say “No” and still reach an outcome (without feeling guilty)
  • The importance of giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Difficult people: do they really exist?
  • Personal and organisational reasons for difficult behaviour
  • 7 classically difficult behaviour types in the workplace
  • Handling touchy topics, problem people, and sensitive situations with diplomacy and professionalism
  • The main causes of conflict
  • 5 different conflict resolution styles and applying them appropriately
  • How to end/close negative conversations

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