Great talent is hard to find and even harder to keep. Successful mentoring is one of the most under-utilised yet cost-effective forms of staff development. Through mentoring, an organisation’s most valued employees can realise their full potential and take their skills to the next level. However, it is only when managers have a thorough understanding of the process and skills involved in being a good mentor that the immense potential of mentoring is achieved. Such skills as establishing a learning relationship, effective listening and questioning, and giving constructive feedback will enable every mentor to become the best possible role model, guide, tutor and confidante.

This course provides a framework of six interrelated skill sets necessary to achieve a successful mentoring relationship. Participants come away with greater confidence to take on a mentoring role now and in the future.


  • The business case for mentoring
  • The value of mentoring for both the mentee and mentor
  • Traits and styles of effective mentors
  • The relationship: how to be an excellent mentor and how to excel at being a mentee
  • Realising the attitudes and skills that underpin good mentoring
  • The 4 Stage Mentoring Model
  • Applying the six key interrelated mentoring skills
  • Developing greater confidence for taking on a mentoring role
  • Preventing pitfalls and troubleshooting problems
  • Building a professional career network
  • Handling generational differences in the mentoring process
  • Dealing with difficult mentees
  • Exit strategies: even good mentorships must come to an end

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