In today’s corporate world of global teams and international partnerships, the ability to successfully communicate and collaborate with people of other cultures is a necessity.

Conducting business across cultures presents complex challenges as well as opportunities. On one hand, effective global teams can identify and share best practice guidelines and expertise. On the other hand, trust, common values and decision-making processes are often problematic in a cross-cultural context.

Furthermore, the added complications of different time zones and languages must be taken into account.

This training course is about helping individuals and organisations develop their global perspective and cross-cultural understanding. Participants will gain increased awareness together with the necessary skills for working successfully with global counterparts.


  • Understanding culture and the impact of varying cultural perspectives on team performance
  • Developing a “global mindset”
  • The 10 key competencies required for working in an international environment
  • Examining the causes of cross-cultural misunderstandings, misinterpretations and misevaluations
  • Effective global communication utilising International / Offshore English
  • The new “Global Ambassador” Leadership Model
  • Intercultural conflict resolution styles
  • The importance of trust in strengthening and bonding global teams
  • Giving and receiving feedback in a multicultural team
  • Head office and affiliates – global vs. local
  • Exploring “best practice” global processes

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