A key asset for a leader is the ability to convert potentially negative energy into a positive and productive force. This is especially critical in today’s diverse workplace, where all too often differences result in disruption, misunderstanding and lost opportunities.

Emotional intelligence is widely acknowledged as a critical component of interpersonal and professional effectiveness; however, various dimensions of emotional intelligence are required to bridge the complex differences that exist between human beings in pluralistic work environments. This development course presents a new paradigm of the critical intersection of emotional intelligence and diversity. Leaders are given an opportunity to gain the insight, skills and tools necessary to build cohesive workgroups that make the most effective use of differences and leverage the power of emotions to increase productivity.


  • The role of emotional intelligence in dealing with diversity
  • Assessing your emotional intelligence and diversity competencies in managing differences among members of your team
  • Converting unhealthy self-talk to productive messages
  • Helping staff deal effectively with change and ambiguity
  • Intercultural Literacy: Understanding the Range of Human Behavior
  • Appreciating the “software” of others on your staff
  • Developing empathy as a step toward building trust and connection
  • Social Architecting: Structuring a Compelling and Respectful Environment
  • Creating an inclusive, healthy, hospitable and engaging work climate

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