Despite greatly increased representation across all sectors and in a wide range of industries, women still face particular challenges when aspiring to leadership roles in their organisations. Contrary to popular belief, female engineers, scientists and technologists exist in large numbers but are abandoning their professions in droves. “The Athena Factor”, a new Harvard Business Review Research Report, examines this female “brain drain” to find out what is causing it and how to stop it.

This course is filled with insights into the special and often overlooked talent that women leaders can bring to the workplace. It also examines new, game-changing retention initiatives – some still in the early stages of development. Such initiatives range from Cisco’s “Executive Talent Insertion Program”, which breaks down female isolation, to Johnson & Johnson’s “Crossing the Finish Line”, which helps young, female, multicultural employees reach senior management positions. Participants will leave the course inspired to reach for higher levels of success in all aspects of life.


  • Identifying the cultural and workplace barriers that force women to drop out of their careers
  • Examining targeted interventions that pre-empt the “fight-or-flight” moment for women
  • Redesigning career paths to better attract and retain women employees
  • The hidden brain drain: off ramps and on ramps in women’s careers
  • Developing the leader within you: building on your natural strengths and boosting your confidence in everything you do
  • Asserting yourself and influencing others more effectively
  • Applying techniques for increasing your visibility and impact at work
  • 5 ways to gain the commitment and cooperation of your team members
  • How to manage up the ladder: tips for communicating effectively with leadership language
  • Constructive feedback: how to provide specific, sincere feedback
  • Building your professional relationship network

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