Collaborative Decision Making in a virtual environment


In today's corporate world of virtual teams, international partnerships and global open-source collaborations, the ability to make effective decisions quickly (and not regret them) is a key skill. Furthermore, achieving alignment and coordination of project outcomes across time and distance is a major challenge. Some of the many factors that make decision-making complicated and often frustrating are competition, uncertainty, ongoing changes and a pressurised work environment.

This training course proposes a framework, as well as specific solutions, for reaching successful decisions while controlling the inherent risks. The content presented will assist you in evaluating your decision-making process and determining which decision-making style is the most appropriate in various situations. It also explores modern collaboration technologies that can be utilised to achieve optimal results in a rapidly changing business environment. Instruction includes lecture, real-world examples and small group activities that you can apply immediately to your workplace.


  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Analysis techniques for visualising and comparing alternatives
  • Psychological traps in decision-making
  • Utilising "whole brain thinking" for optimal results
  • Gender, cultural and generational differences in decision-making
  • Accountability and responsibility: the consequence of your decisions
  • Building and maintaining trust within a virtual team
  • Application of Monte Carlo techniques to estimate and plan for risk
  • Practical virtual team decision-making simulation
  • Collaborative technology tools for remote communication

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