The old saying that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is as true of project teams as of interpersonal interactions. How your teams start up will profoundly influence their conduct throughout their working lives. Therefore, time put into planning how to begin will always be vital time well spent.

This training programme is highly participative. You will be challenged to think about project management and project start-up in new ways. You will be presented with the latest information on virtual team start-up and how this can be specifically applied to your team. Discussions around options and solutions will enable you to overcome potential project-related problems and achieve optimal performance with your team.


  • Aligning diverse and distant individuals to a common vision, goals and methodologies
  • Defining team members’ key roles and responsibilities
  • Anticipating project-related problems and proactively generating solutions
  • Initiating a communication contract
  • Developing a comprehensive framework for managing projects
  • Making the activities of the team visible to the rest of the organisation
  • Developing team spirit and community
  • Combating confusion, ambiguity, conflict and isolation among team members
  • Accurately tracking work flow
  • The pros and cons of diversity
  • The effect of cross-cultural differences
  • Promoting productive team interactions
  • Selecting and optimising the right technology
  • Critical success factors for high performance virtual teams
  • Communicating effectively through email
  • Building and maintaining trust within the team

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