Successful virtual meetings are productive, motivating and results-focused. Yet why is it that so many virtual meetings are poorly planned, waste time and cause frustration for everyone involved? Running an effective virtual meeting (as opposed to a face-to-face meeting) requires new skills and techniques to keep team members engaged. So many things can go wrong: there is no clear agenda, mute buttons click on and off, new people enter the call and interrupt the meeting, people talk over one another, etc. With all of this confusion, the effectiveness of the technology is wasted.

This new virtual course has been developed to help you engage your team members in successful virtual meetings, regardless of the technology you have available (NetMeeting, WebEx, Skype, etc). It has been designed with a format consisting of instruction, lively discussion and interactive exercises in which you will have plenty of opportunity to practise your newly acquired facilitation skills. Discussion topics include ways to achieve spontaneous communication, new techniques to humanise remote participants and new facilitation strategies to motivate your team members to take an active part in the virtual meeting.


  • What makes a successful virtual meeting?
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Roles and responsibilities in a virtual meeting
  • Designing meaningful agendas
  • Determining equipment needs
  • Providing visual aids
  • Involving participants without confusion or chaos
  • Recognising levels of responsibility and accountability
  • Achieving consensus and closure
  • Creating action-oriented minutes of the meeting
  • Effective brainstorming when working virtually
  • Managing conflict virtually

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