While virtual teams can provide significant benefits to organisations, they often present new challenges for project leaders who are not prepared for the realities of getting things done at a distance. An outstanding leader can make the difference between a team that achieves new heights of creativity and productivity and one that flounders and fails to reach its true potential. However, the skills that have made someone a successful leader in the face-to-face environment are not necessarily the same ones that will produce successful virtual teamwork.

This course features cutting-edge information and critical tools to enable participants to overcome the barriers of distance, cultural diversity and time.

Furthermore, participants will be given a new virtual team toolkit for immediate use with their teams:

  • The Virtual Team Member Selection Tool
  • Virtual Communication Guidelines
  • The Virtual Maturity Assessment Tool


  • The changing business climate driving virtual teams
  • The new virtual team leadership model (T.O.G.A.)
  • Aligning diverse and distant individuals to common goals & methodologies
  • Optimising team roles and leveraging team members’ skills
  • Working with cultural diversity
  • Identifying different ways to motivate remote team members
  • Managing conflict constructively
  • Developing trust across geographic distance
  • Promoting productive team interactions
  • Selecting and optimising the right technology
  • Utilising multiple techniques to create spontaneous communication

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