Today we work in an increasingly pressurised environment where effective communication is essential. In fact, new technologies are leading us to communicate more often and more rapidly than ever before. Almost everything we do in our working roles involves communicating with others by email, on the telephone or in face-to-face conversations.

Research has shown that if you communicate well, you are of high value to a company. In fact, this skill is so important that American businesses commit significant portions of their annual budgets to communication training.

Remember that communication is a skill that can always be improved upon with new knowledge and practice. Key questions such as the following will position you to identify and acquire that knowledge and practice:

Are you communicating in a way that gets results?

In a way that makes people listen?

In a way that helps you lead, motivate and inspire?


In our customised in-house and online training courses, Potencium’s lead instructors will help you learn how to create rapport, build trust and establish your credibility. We will provide you with the opportunity to take a more constructive look at your own communication skills and develop your professional as well as your personal effectiveness.