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Founded in 2001 by Johanna Hassan Hollowich, Potencium is a global consulting and training company with clients throughout Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Americas. With offices in London and Los Angeles, Potencium specialises in virtual teams, global collaboration, leadership, communication skills and professional development.

Through both customised live and online training programmes, Potencium is able to tap existing potential, augment it with new technical and personal skills and transform this new potentiality into increased organisational performance. Our courses enable our clients to acquire the skills needed to effectively manage global and virtual teams, integrate technical and personal capabilities, establish learning organisations and develop team leaders. We spend over 40% of trainer time on research and development to continuously improve Potencium’s business solutions and ensure they are relevant to today’s workplace. Most of our programmes can be delivered in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish.

virtual Global TrainingIn addition, Potencium provides coaching, mentoring and consultancy services. Working with company directors, team leaders, human resources and training departments, Potencium is able to diagnose clients’ specific needs. We can then provide both the strategy and the implementation necessary to increase productivity in the organisation.

With Potencium’s guidance, participants from your company can gain access to specific assessment tools, and we have the capability to customise training programmes using the analysis from these tools. Potencium is able to provide detailed individual, team and executive summary reports. Furthermore, we have designed assignments that allow participants to reflect on their results and formulate plans to improve their skills.