Our Team


Johanna Hassan Hollowich
President / Managing Director

Johanna Hassan Hollowich is the founder and president of Potencium Limited, an international consulting company with clients throughout Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

Johanna advises companies on how to implement the essential skills required for today’s competitive global marketplace. She has successfully facilitated international business solutions that include presenting over 500 training programmes and designing a variety of e-learning courses. To customise programmes for clients worldwide, Johanna utilises experienced, multilingual intercultural associates from countries around the world including China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia and Singapore.

Ms Hassan Hollowich has over 25 years of consulting experience. She has a master’s degree in Adult Learning and Education from the City University (London), with a focus on training intervention techniques, group dynamics, mentoring and management development. Since 2003, she has been an adjunct faculty member at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension Department of Engineering, Information Systems and Technical Management and has participated in a variety of internationally recognised conferences and seminars.

Prior to forming Potencium, Johanna was a senior consultant for Canning International Training and Development Ltd UK (a cross-cultural consultancy) and Rostrum Training Solutions Ltd, a division of MDS Pharma Services UK (a major international clinical research organisation).

Some of her clients include: Boeing (Russia, USA), General Motors (Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, USA), University of Kuopio (Finland), Northrop Grumman Corporation (USA), Novartis (Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA), Novo Nordisk (Denmark, Singapore), The Walt Disney Company (France, UK, USA), and Yahoo! Inc (USA).

Ms Hassan Hollowich has built a reputation as a respected international consultant and is known for her innovative and motivational style of training. A native of England, Johanna knows only too well the challenges of working globally and remotely.  

Sue Bray

Sue Bray has over 20 years experience in distributed education and work programs with clients including General Motors, California State University, The Sage Colleges, the University of New Hampshire, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, NYS Science and Technology Foundation, New York State Training Council, the International Medical Project and others. Sue currently serves as “Advisor in Globalization” to the General Motors Technical Education Program (GM TEP), and facilitates a major partnership between GM TEP and the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering that has led to the innovative online degree - Master of Engineering in Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering.  In addition, Sue is an Instructor in the Extension Program of the University of California at Los Angeles and a faculty member of the ELITE Management Development Program of the University of Tulsa.

Sue specializes in virtual work and education, the issues facing globally distributed teams, online education, and competencies for success in international and cross-cultural environments.  She has degrees in Language Education and in Curriculum and Instruction, and is a licensed Associate of WorldWork Ltd, a London-based International Management firm.  As well as speaking 3 languages, Sue has personal experience living and working in Puerto Rico, Barbados and her home country - the United States.

Jorge Cherbosque
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Jorge Cherbosque has directed the UCLA Staff and Faculty Consultation and Counseling Center for the past 17 years and for over 2 decades has been a speaker, trainer, and consultant for various Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Cherbosque’s approach is geared toward four interrelated goals: to impart at least one practical idea that participants can apply to their family and home life; one they can apply to their work life; and one for their self-development. The fourth goal is to create an environment of safety and joy because he believes that is how real learning best occurs.

His recent clients include Cox Communications, Knight Ryder Digital, Chase Manhattan Bank, Verizon, Herbalife, General Motors, and Neutrogena. He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and is writing a book on emotional intelligence and diversity. He received a MS and PhD in Psychology from USC. Trilingual in Hebrew, English and Spanish, Jorge has personal experience living and working in the Middle East, Mexico and the U.S.

Susan Cortese

Susan Cortese has over 20 years of experience in corporate training, consulting and coaching in management and communication skills development. Some of her clients include Arval, Clarins, Groupama, MSD, Quest Diagnostics, PMU, JPMorgan, CWT, Decleor, Epsy, Euroclear, Euronext, SGN, CdF, Lafarge, Altys, Proconseil and PPR. Team-building, leadership and personal effectiveness projects are her specialities.

Susan received her B.A. in Communications from Mount Union College (US) and has received numerous certifications in such fields as negotiation, management and coaching and is a DiSC master trainer. Raised in the United States, she has been living in France for most of her life and is bilingual in both French and English.

Simon Elliot
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Simon Elliot is a highly experienced international management consultant and trainer who has worked extensively on globalisation and international management projects. Simon specialises in core soft skills such as negotiation skills, international teambuilding and cultural integration. He is also experienced in facilitating national and international conferences and seminars. Simon is bilingual in French and English.

Nigel Ewington

Nigel Ewington specialises in helping organisations and their people both in the corporate and the non-profit sector to optimise the success factors of working across cultures. Mr. Ewington is also co-designer of WorldWork’s The International Profiler and its accompanying International Competency Set. He contributes to the Postgraduate Certificate in Cross-Sector Partnership at the University of Cambridge and the MBA programme of the China-Europe International Business School, Shanghai.

Nigel has been involved in providing a broad range of solutions in the area of managing cultural differences for organisations such as Agip, Nivea, World Bank, Volvo, Beiersdorf AG, the BG Group, and the World Wildlife Fund. These solutions have included seminars in intercultural awareness, facilitation for international teams and executive coaching. As well as speaking five languages, Nigel has personal experience of living and working abroad in such diverse cultures as China, Bulgaria, Finland, Congo and Italy.

Andy Gudgeon

Andy Gudgeon has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including emphases on clinical research, data management, statistics, and the preparation of medical reports and medical publications.  His specialist areas include executive mentoring and coaching, clinical project management, and the application of psychometrics for individual and team development.  Andy has a degree in Psychology with Honours from the University of Leeds, a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Aston, and a master’s degree in Medical Statistics from the University of London.

Stefan Matthies

Stefan Matthies has over 15 years experience in executive coaching and communication training with clients including AIG, Bertelsmann, Evonik, Johnson&Johnson, SAP and others. He specializes in executive leadership behavior coaching. Stefan Matthies has a degree in business administration and was trained in different coaching methodologies. He has lived in Los Angeles for 8 years and is bilingual in English and in German.

Nina Merrens

 Nina has been employed for the last 7 years as a guest lecturer on intercultural awareness at Passau University, Germany and is a licensed consultant for the International Profiler – WorldWork Ltd, UK. She specialises in international management training, team development, virtual team training and coaching. Her work as an international management trainer within Germany includes firms such as Microsoft, Siemens, Airbus, Beiersdorf, W.L.Gore, BMW, and Deutsche Telekom. She also works worldwide as an international competency coach for firms such as BP Oil, Shell, Tesco, Manitowac, & Continental

Nina graduated from London University with a B.A. Honours degree in English Literature. Her further studies in Germany include Self-Management/Group Dynamics (DAAG), NLP Practitioner, and Systems Coaching – Psychology of Change. Nina is bilingual in English and German and has personal experience living and working in the U.K., the U.S., Germany, China, Italy, Denmark and Scotland.

Sue Shinomiya

Sue Shinomiya, MBA, a native of the United States, is a global business consultant, corporate trainer, webinar leader, executive coach and author. She has over 20 plus years in the intercultural field, specializing in building intercultural competency, communication effectiveness, global diversity and global virtual teams. In addition, Sue has over nine years of personal experience living and working in Japan, travels there regularly, and speaks Japanese fluently.  Among her clients are Intel, HP, Nike, Toyota, Cisco Systems, NEC, Hitachi, The Gap, Microsoft and FedEx. She is the co-author of Business Passport to Japan, Revised and Updated, 2007, an essential guide for anyone doing business with Japan. Recently she has been focusing on intercultural competency webinars for global virtual teams, particularly in high-tech corporations.

Sue is a Board Member for the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) and helped develop a certification program for Global Diversity Practitioners. She has certifications in Global Virtual Team facilitation, IDI Intercultural Assessment, webinar delivery and e-learning.

Maureen Stannard

Maureen Stannard has 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her specialist areas cover all aspects of clinical research, including project administration and people management. Using her in-depth experience of training, particularly in the FDA and ICH GCP, she focuses in technical and personal skills, with an emphasis on practical approach. Maureen holds an Honours BSc in Pharmacology.

David Trickey

David Trickey has over 15 years experience in assisting managers in the transfer of their professional skills from local to international contexts. His areas of expertise include intercultural management and communication training, international team building, virtual/distributed teamwork, consultancy for cross-cultural integration projects, and international competency analysis and development.  David has a bachelor’s degree in English from Sussex University and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Birmingham University. He is bilingual in Italian and English.

Gundula Welti

Gundula Welti has worked with The Walt Disney Company almost 20 years, gaining managerial experience in the fields of training, event management, buying and sales. Today she is responsible for the sales of international business events. Gundula has shared her expertise in negotiation and presentation skills for the past ten years through training seminars and key notes speeches. She has worked with Symbol Technologies, European Space Agency, Cisco and Esso.

Gundula is the author of the series "Bedtime Stories for the Busy Business(wo)men", notably "The Story of Negotiating Effectively." She is trilingual, having lived in France, Germany and the U.S.

Christine Wirths

Christine Wirths extensive international career includes working in global organisations such as The European Council, the German-Belgium Chamber of Commerce (Brussels), and the German-American Chamber of Commerce (Chicago).  She specialises in organisational intercultural skills with a focus on the management of multicultural teams and the facilitation of multinational events. Christine graduated from Passau University with a degree in International Business and Cultural Studies, and has studied in France at the Institute International d'Etudes Francaises at the University of Strasbourg. She is bilingual in German and English.